Roo and Nate's Wedding Blog

Holy crap, we're getting hitched. How did this even happen?

The Ladies

Roo almost always refers to her female friends collectively as ‘The Ladies’.  She feels that she could not be luckier to have such a spectacular group of friends and is thrilled beyond all reason that they would be willing to stand with her on her wedding day.

Christina Levinson

Christina is and has been one of Roo’s closest friends for ten years.  She is a testament to style, grace, and wisdom… and also that geekery and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Michelle Marovich

Michelle is Roo’s sanity and sense.  Whenever Roo needs a reality check, Michelle is the one who provides it. She is possessed of a wicked sense of humor and more genuine caring than anyone.

Natasha Streit

Natasha is one of Roo’s newest friends and has quickly become one of her dearest as well.  Natasha sews like a mad fiend and is always ready for an adventure. Also, she has one of the most spectacular and infectious smiles of anyone Roo knows.

Leslie Light

There are no words that will entirely describe Leslie, which is ironic given that Leslie makes her living by them. She is fabulously intelligent, crazy-talented, and Roo and Nate are incredibly lucky that she has consented to officiate their wedding.


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