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Venue, Registry, Other Info

We are getting married at the Inn Marin in Novato, CA on August 18, 2012 at 6PM.  The venue is directly off of the 101 Highway and is convenient to a variety of interesting attractions, shopping, walking and hiking trails, and other hotels. The address is  250 Entrada Drive, Novato, California, 94949 for mapping purposes.

The Inn Marin was chosen partially because it is a green hotel and because the venue coordinator, Lora Salfi, is so incredibly, phenomenally wonderful. When we said, “We’re kind of weird and we think our wedding should be, too!” her response wasn’t to cringe (the common response of venue coordinators we’d met), but rather to grin in utter delight and asked us to tell her more.

We are registered at We note, however, that we do not expect gifts and only request the pleasure of your company at our wedding.

Photography is being done by Gabriel Harber, a local photographer whose work we fell in love with at first sight. He has since done our engagement photos, which can be found here.

 We are not doing a sit down dinner at this event.  We are catered by Rickey’s Restaurant, attached to the Inn Marin, with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  A full dinner interferes with dancing and we’ve designed this shindig for maximum time on the dance floor.


2 thoughts on “Venue, Registry, Other Info

  1. Shawn Eric Allyn on said:

    How late is too late to arrive at your wedding?

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