Roo and Nate's Wedding Blog

Holy crap, we're getting hitched. How did this even happen?


This is the blog chronicling the wedding of Roo and Nate.

Roo is a bay area professional working for a non-profit, and a California native. She has strong opinions about the wedding industry, and almost all of them are highly critical.

Nate is a bay area professional working for a Silicon Valley software company, and also a California native. He has strong opinions about many things, but is so entirely good natured about everything that even when he’s expressing his opinions, you’ll probably agree with him.

This blog has been started primarily to keep friends and family apprised of the wedding progress, but also to add some more detritus to the Internet, which we feel has been lacking in our particular brand of detritus.

We can’t guarantee that everything will be related to the wedding.  Hell, we can’t even guarantee that we’ll remember to update this. But we’ll certainly give it a go.


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